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Biomarkers in Imaging: Realizing Radiology's Future

(Radiology 2003;227:633-648) Opinion piece by Dr. John J. Smith, Dr. A. Gregory Sorensen, and Dr. James Thrall of Massachusetts General Hospital that argues for biomarker imaging as a strategy to improve diagnosis and monitor therapeutic response.

National Cancer Institute: a plan and budget proposal for fiscal year 2005


Molecular imaging figures prominently in the NCI's 2005 budget. The surprisingly readable 134-page document is a benchmark for the status and funding of cancer research.


( oncology/classesbiomarkers.html)

This commercial site features an insightful primer on the role of biomarkers in imaging, oncology, and orthopedic medicine. Synarc is a central radiology service dedicated to global clinical trials. Its founders include Dr. Harry Genant, Dr. Charles Peterfy, and other musculoskeletal radiologists associated with the University of California, San Francisco.

Industry Watch: Medical Imaging Drug Discovery

( data/articlestandard/pharmagenomics/142004/ 90379/article.pdf)

Online posting of an article from the March/April 2004 issue of PharmaGenomics offers a straightforward assessment of the imaging of biomarkers as a tool for pharmaceutical R&D.

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Biomarkers in Imaging


You can join the center, which uses imaging biomarkers to accelerate the pace of drug development. It seeks members in government, academia, industry, and the general community. Participation offers radiologists access to the latest developments in imaging biomarkers and their application in molecular imaging. The site features a detailed catalog of biomarkers that can be sorted by disease, disease category, and author.

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