Moving X-Ray Offers Dynamic View for Diagnosis


Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) offers diagnostic solution for musculoskeletal injuries.

CHICAGO - Within its X-Ray products, Konica Minolta Healthcare introduced a solution to help radiologists see musculoskeletal injuries in motion.

At the Radiological Society of North American 2019 annual meeting, the company unveiled KDR® AU Advanced U-Arm. Using Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR), this product offers a cine loop of rapidly captured images of diagnostic quality. Together, these images provide a full view of articulatory mobility.

Within musculoskeletal imaging, this tool allows providers to identify and assess changes in the relationship of bone, ligaments, and other anatomical structures. It can be used to evaluate full range-of-motion in shoulders, knees, wrists, and the spine.

While KDR offers the advanced DDR feature, it can also produce standard X-Ray images. These static images can be compared with the moving DDR images to more specifically evaluate joint stability.

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