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MphRx Debuts Direct Data Transmission to PACS, EMR


CHICAGO-MphRx will showcase, Forward, at RSNA 2015, its new platform that enables transmission of data to patients, referring providers.

MphRx will debut at RSNA 2015 Forward, a platform that enables transmission of detailed patient forms, images, and records for automated ingestion into an EMR, PACS, or RIS.

MphRx Forwardgenerates a library of customized patient forms for completion online and enables upload of DICOM files, different document formats, and CCD data, according to a release. Patient information is captured as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), which the company said makes it one of the first production implementations of the new standard.

Patients and referring providers receive access through a provider website, patient portal, or patient e-mail link. All data communication is HIPAA-compliant with two factor authentication, the release said.

Forward is designed to make healthcare information sharing simple and convenient for both patients and referring physicians, while streamlining workflow for the receiving facility,” Varun Anand, co-founder of MphRx, said in the release. “All that is required to send information is a computer and a standard Internet connection.”

The system also offers customizable forms that patients can access form their computers and fill out at home, instead of in the waiting room. All forms can be stored in a PACS, RIS, or EMR as structured reports, DICOM embedded PDFs, or form response structured data, which is similar to EMR flow sheets.

Visit resellers Agfa Healthcare in booth 1315 and Dell in booth 3935 in Hall A.

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