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New Radiopharmaceutical Approved for Cancer Pain Relief


Q BioMed launches Strontium89 injections for bone-related pain.

A new therapeutic radiopharmaceutical for treating cancer-related pain has been released.

Biotech company Q BioMed announced the release of Strontium89, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved injection of strontium chloride Sr-89 that is intended to alleviate pain associated with cancer that has spread to the bone.

According to results from several multi-center trials, a single injection of Strontium89 performs better than a placebo in patients who have persistent pain after external-beam radiation therapy for bone metastases. Based on the findings, more patients who received Strontium89 reported pain scores of 0. Pain relief lasted between 2-to-5 months for most participants.

Despite the pain relief, the company reported that bone marrow toxicity is possible after Strontium89 injection, so it is not recommended for patients who have significantly compromised bone marrow.

In addition, blood cell count monitoring at least once every two weeks is recommended for patients receiving Strontium89.

Q BioMed plans to deliver order to hospitals this month with full production beginning in March.

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