Open MR, CT, and PACS feature in product launches


Open MR scanner

The University of Cologne's new medical center houses Europe's first Panorama 1.0T open MRI unit from Philips. The system has a 160-cm-wide opening, making it ideal for claustrophobic and obese patients. The vertical field design gives it a signal-to-noise performance similar to a 1.5T cylindrical magnet, according to the manufacturer.


Functional system

The ComfortScan digital system uses light-emitting diodes and external pressure to highlight areas with vascular abnormalities (angiogenesis). It is sensitive to the differential light-transmission properties of abnormal vascularization after external pressure stimulus and aims to provide physiologic/functional data not available to doctors, according to manufacturer DOBI Medical International.


PACS software

StorCOMM has released version 5.5 of its AccessNET PACS software. One enhancement is the Install Manager, which allows users to update their viewing station software and enables administrators to track which versions have been installed and distributed.


Multislice CT

Hitachi has completed the first installation of its new CXR-4 CT system at the HealthSouth Outpatient Imaging Facility, located in Duncanville, Texas. The multislice CT unit was accompanied by applications training from the vendor. Another installation is scheduled in Miami Lakes, Florida.


Dental x-ray

Planmeca's range of digital dental x-ray equipment is being promoted by Xograph Imaging Systems to hospitals in the U.K. and Republic of Ireland.


Lung CAD

Vital Images, a provider of enterprise-wide visualization solutions, and R2 Technology, a specialist in computer-aided detection technology, have signed a three-year sales and marketing agreement. The companies will jointly sell the ImageChecker CT Lung CAD software integrated into the newly available CT lung visualization option.


Viewing software

Fenics' Quick Viewer software is now available in Matrox's MED series of display controller boards. The MED series ranges from 2 to 5 megapixels and is configurable for landscape and portrait modes, as well as a variety of gray-scale and color models with analog and digital display support.


Extremity MRI

ONI Medical Systems has announced the first European implementation of OrthOne, the high-field 1T extremity MRI system. The new scanner is based in Oslo.


MR angiography

Schering AG's development partner, EPIX Pharmaceuticals, has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for MS-325 (gadofosveset trisodium). The compound is likely to be the first in a new class of blood-pool contrast agents for MR angiography to help diagnose vascular disease. The FDA has requested additional studies to support the application for MS-325 in enhanced MRA.


Digital radiography

The Washington Orthopedic Center is installing Swissray International's digital radiography system, along with AccessNET PACS software from StorCOMM. The institution has an ambulatory surgery center, MRI diagnostic unit, and a physiotherapy center providing orthopedic care for fractures, arthritis, sports injuries, total joint replacements, and spinal surgery.


DVD video recorder

NAI Tech Products has developed a medical DVD recorder that can record video output available from imaging modalities, capturing both dynamic and static image series to DVD or CD media in DICOM format. The MDR-Video has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) approval.


Cardiac intervention

InfiMed has extended its range of PlatinumOne digital acquisition systems for use in complex interventional procedures. Developed to accommodate any type of cardiac cine or fluoroscopic imaging, the systems offer faster acquisition times as well as new image processing features and expanded DICOM 3.0 interface.


German installation

The Helios clinic in Mullheim, Germany, has installed a Vepro PACS and workflow manager (RIS). Four other Helios hospitals in Germany already have similar systems.


Image intensifier

Xograph Imaging Systems has installed a Ziehm Vista C-arm image intensifier at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, U.K. The device is a mobile system for surgical and interventional procedures requiring fluoroscopic imaging, often carried out in the confined space of operating theaters.

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Quality assurance

The Unfors Xi QA device provides the user with wide ranges for kVp and dose. The pocket-sized meter is capable of simultaneous measurements of kVp, dose, dose rate, time, pulses, dose/frame, and waveforms for radiography/fluoroscopy x-ray machines.


MR monitoring

Medrad has unveiled the Veris physiological monitor, which can be used for five-lead ECG waveform monitoring and is compatible with 3T MRI environments. It comes with a range of features and accessories, some designed for pediatric and neonate patients.


Military order

Delft Diagnostic Imaging has announced that Oldelft Benelux B.V. has received an order for eight mobile phosphor systems for the Military Medical Logistic Centre located in Heerenveen. The installation of the Orex computed radiography systems was expected to be complete by the end of April.


Computer-aided detection

iCAD has submitted a premarket notification 510(k) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, seeking clearance to market and sell its first product for use in the detection of lung cancer.


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