Radcal to Launch New Meters and Sensors

Radcal Corp. will launch at RSNA 2013 new models of diagnostic X-ray meters and sensors.

The Accu-Gold+ multisensors use stacked sensor technology that allows them to the smallest footprint solid state sensor available, according to the company. Their size has been cut by one third, with increased dose and dose/rate ranges.

The new dual radiographic, fluoroscopic and mammography multisensor,  AGMS-DM+ , is the latest addition to the line. It covers the entire R/F range of 40-160 kV and 20-50 Kv for mammography. The company also announced new calibration data for all the multisensors. Each sensor has its own calibration data making it interchangeable among other Accu-Gold+ systems.

The company will also highlight the Rapid-Gold+ which uses the new multisensors. The new design and the combination of multisensors makes it the most powerful diagnostic meter available, according to Radcal.

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