Radiologists Following a Different Path


Radiologists who found careers outside of the reading room.

Radiology burnout is a topic of frequent discussion among radiologists, and studies continue to look at causes and ways to alleviate it. While three of the radiologists interviewed for this article proactively mentioned burnout as a key issue in radiology today, none of them cited it as a reason that they changed careers.One did warn, however, that burnout and long hours aren’t restricted to doctors. Those looking for a way out may think the grass is greener elsewhere. “Not true,” said Nicholas Argy, MD. “Lawyers work their tails off. Architects work their tails off. Engineers work their tails off.” These featured physicians may be working their tails off in other areas of health care, but some of them say it doesn’t feel like work, as they’re enjoying it so much. “Physicians have passions beyond radiology,” said Argy. They key is to find that passion.

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