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Radiologists Top Healthcare Salaries Globally


Of healthcare careers surveyed, radiologists are the highest paid worldwide, and the United States has the highest percentage of GDP spent on healthcare.

Globally, radiologists are among the highest paid healthcare providers – and you earn the most here in the United States, according to the results of a newly released survey.

In a survey that examined both healthcare spending as a portion of gross domestic product (GDP), as well as provider compensation, a U.K.-based eye care company Lenstore revealed the United States leads the pack on the percentage of its GDP spent on healthcare. However, the country does not spend the most dollars on health services per capita.

According to the findings, which were initially provided in Euros, 9.2 percent of the United States GDP goes toward healthcare with $8,697 spent per person. The remaining top five countries were Norway (8.2 percent), Denmark (8.2 percent), Austria (8.1 percent), and France (8.0 percent).

Interestingly, the list of the bottom five countries included both the highest and lowest spenders. Colombia spent only $1,623 per person, but Ireland far outpaced every other country, devoting $19,980 in healthcare dollars per capita.

The numbers on compensation are where radiologists shine. Of the career options evaluated – radiologist, optometrist, dentist, doctor, midwife, and neurologist – radiologists easily topped the pay scale. And, once again, the United States offered the highest salary -- $376,784 on average – with Japan coming in second at $361,237.

Pay rates for the other professions were also top-tier in the United States. American dentists and doctors also ranked first among their peers, earning $213,873 and $183,103, respectively. In addition, optometrists, midwives, and neurologists all ranked No. 3 globally, bringing in, on average, $114,255, $100,071, and $233,193, respectively.

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