Regular surfers recommend other Web sites

Given the number and diversity of online radiology education resources, we asked others where they go when they log on.

Given the number and diversity of online radiology education resources, we asked others where they go when they log on. Their recommendations are as follows:

"Hardly a day goes by when I am not using Google ( in my radiological practice. I use it mostly for finding information about non-routine cases, for formulating a better differential diagnosis, or simply for checking unusual findings."

-Dr. Erik Ranschaert
Radiologist at Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

"The educational content on Aunt Minnie ( is excellent and well structured. There is an advanced search function, e-mail newsletter service, and good coverage of all major radiology meetings. A weekly browse through this Web site will keep you up to date with the latest news in radiology. Last but not least, it is all free."

-Dr. Anno Graser
radiology resident, University of Munich-Grosshadern campus, Germany

" ( is a free Spanish-language teaching portal. Its teaching activities are certified by the Sociedad Argentina de Radiologia (SAR) and the Sociedad Espanola de Radiologia Medica (SERAM). The Web site held its first virtual congress of radiology in June 2005, with 31 multimedia refresher courses, 30 communications, and 60 practical cases. These meetings are expected to be held every two years. New refresher courses and teaching cases are presented every two years."

-Dr. Luis Marti-Bonmarti
Chief of MRI, CT, and abdominal radiology, Dr. Peset University Hospital, Valencia, Spain

"The site CTisus ( offers a comprehensive view of clinical applications of multislice CT, with a particular emphasis on the intersection of best practice and practical application. The content includes podcasts and videodcasts of lectures, hot topics, and quiz cases that are presented in a friendly fashion by competent speakers. The site is a real help for radiologists who want to push their CT perspective to the next level."

-Dr. Alessandro Palumbo
radiologist, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria, Parma, Italy

"HealthOrbit ( is a good place for radiologists and imaging specialists to get an overview of the newest trends in general medicine. The daily newsletter provides information about studies in major journals, ongoing investigations in major university hospitals, and studies being conducted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies."

-Dr. Patrick Veit-Haibach,
radiologist, University Hospital Zurich nuclear medicine department, Switzerland