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Reimbursement Confidence Low Among Imaging Managers


Reimbursement concerns continue to plague medical imaging managers, according to the latest MICI report.

Reimbursement concerns continue to plague medical imaging managers who reported having “very low confidence” they will receive adequate Medicare payments.

According to the latest data from the Medical Imaging Confidence Index looking into the fourth quarter of 2013, medical imaging managers continue to have a bleak outlook on reimbursement, and the confidence score dipped to 62, down from 73 at this time last year. The index evaluated the outlooks of 137 hospital imaging directors and managers.   

Meanwhile, managers continued to report feeling “neutral” that the department will grow monthly in volume and that they will have access to capital for imaging equipment and IT needs. Yet, confidence remains high that their departments will maintain or grow as a profit center.

Here are the full results for the fourth quarter, from October to December 2013:



Will grow monthly volume in diagnostic and interventional radiology
Will receive adequate reimbursement from Medicare for diagnostic and interventional imaging
Very low confidence
Internal operating and staff costs will remain constant
High confidence
Will have access to capital for imaging equipment and IT needs
Will maintain/grow as a profit center
High confidence
Composite score across all areas

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Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) was co-developed by AHRA:The Association for Medical Imaging Management and The MarkeTech Group, owner of the imagePRO panel, launched in 2008. MICI data rely on the feedback of a statistical cohort of respondents from the imagePRO panel that accurately represent the US market hospital market by bedsize and geographic areas.

For more on the MICI, check out the FAQ here.

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