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Residents More Confident Using Ultrasound Following Game-Based Education


Gaming event increased resident knowledge and enthusiasm for using ultrasound in the emergency room

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An ultrasound games-based educational event that focuses on using point-of-care ultrasound increases the knowledge of emergency-room residents, as well as clinical use of ultrasound, according to a study published in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.

Researchers from Massachusetts, New York, California, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania studied if and how a competitive games-based event, SonoGames, could be effective in teaching and providing long-term education about ultrasound, and the attitudes of the participants and program directors regarding this type of ultrasound training.

The researchers designed two surveys to be used for SonoGames V emergency resident participants and for emergency room program directors. A total of 73 residents and 42 program directors responded. The survey questions used a 5‐point Likert scale to assess:

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  • Overall perceptions and attitudes about ultrasound

  • Changes in self‐reported content knowledge and competency

  • Effects on clinical use

  • Perceived impacts of a competitive game format on education

The results showed that 94% believed the competitive gaming format of SonoGames made the event an educational experience. They reported an increase in their perception of ultrasound overall:

  • 81% said their ultrasound knowledge increased

  • 87% said their enthusiasm for ultrasound increased

  • 61% said their clinical use of ultrasound increased

Although it was to a lesser degree, residency program directors reported similar increases.

The use of ultrasound increased in residencies that participated in the event compared with residents who did not.

The researchers concluded that use of a competitive games‐based educational event that focused on point‐of‐care ultrasound is an effective educational tool.

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