SST Group Presents Radiation Dosage Monitor

CHICAGO-SST Group will be demonstrating at RSNA 2015 for the first time its Radiation Dosage Monitor.

SST Group, a name known in the DICOM distribution realm, will debut at RSNA 2015 its Radiation Dosage Monitor (RDM).

RDM collects, controls, analyzes, and optimizes radiation dosages delivered to patients during medical imaging and interventional examinations, the company announced in a release. A Dose Archive and Communication (DACS) stores and manages radiation dose data for patient current and historical procedures and captures all diagnostic, interventional, and image-guided survival ionizing events, the release said.

The company claims RDM differs from the pack in that it acquires, stores, and analyzes data directly from the modality, which presents a more accurate dose estimate.

SST Group said that with all of the dose guidelines, the concept of DACS for radiation dosage management will eventually become what PACS is for DICOM images, and that patient dosage monitoring should provide a complete history of your facility’s population for all relevant events.

“This allows your facility to truly see the entire picture on a patient’s dosage history based on anatomical region,” Richard Murphy, president, SST Group, Inc., said in the release.

RDM is compatible with imaging modalities from all manufacturers, the release said.

Visit SST Group at booth 3254.

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