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Technologist Scheduling in the Cloud


New cloud platform allows facilities to schedule technologists based on availability and skill set.

CHICAGO - Scheduling employees and filling in shift gaps could be much simpler with a new workforce platform.

At this year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Siemens Healthineers unveiled its cloud-based scheduling platform. CrewPlace is designed to help facilities manage staffing shortages and keep better tabs on workflow and productivity.

As a digital portal, CrewPlace allows facilities to search through their entire technologist workforce - both those who are on-site and those at remote locations - to identify which employees are available to work at various times in any locations that need their services. Not only can facility managers use the portal to match technologist availability and work time preferences with staffing needs, but they can also quickly pinpoint where their particular skill set might be needed the most. The platform also provides real-time labor force utilization data.

Ten facilities are currently using the product nationwide.

Through more efficient scheduling, the platform could maximize population health management initiatives, such as cardiovascular screening programs, as well as increase access to care via new care delivery models and clinical pathways.

Although CrewPlace is available as a stand-alone purchase, customers buying new Advanced Therapies fixed systems, including the new ARTIS icono angiography system, will receive it for free. Customers with existing installed systems covered by Siemens service contracts with Advanced Case Support will also receive it.

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