TeraMedica Debuts New Vendor Neutral Archive

TeraMedica will demonstrate at RSNA 2014 its new vendor neutral archive, Evercore 6.0.

TeraMedica will debut at RSNA 2014 the Evercore 6.0 vendor neutral archive with a new user interface.

Evercore 6.0 supports customizable screen features based on specialized enterprise or departmental needs, TeraMedica said. They also announced that the system features site-specific icons and toolsets that streamline operation by bringing access to key information and user-defined functionalities.

Evercore 6.0 features a new intelligent information presentation, which delivers data directly to users to pare down search time and leverage the VNA for information gathering and analytics, TeraMedica said.

A new IHE profile imaging object change management (IOCM) centralizes and streamlines management of the VNA and related systems by using standardized bidirectional messaging to facilitate communications across systems, consolidating maintenance, and reducing costs and time, TeraMedica said.

Evercore 6.0 can be used to track patient clinical trends, departmental performance, and the status of its own VNA hardware and software.

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