Top Apps for Radiology 2017

Our 2017 round-up of top apps for radiology.

Physicians continue to use their smart phones and tablets for work at high rates. According to a Wolters Kluwer Health survey, 42%-44% of physicians use smart phones to access medical research, communicate with staff, and access clinical reference tools when with patients. Tablet usage was higher for accessing medical research (63%) and using clinical reference tools (50%).While the internet is useful for looking up web-based information, mobile apps sometimes make it quicker to access the information from a specific site. And some information and functionality can only be found on a mobile application.For this year’s list, we combed through best-of lists and scoured the internet for apps that radiologists need. Here are nine of the best. (If you haven’t seen our past selections, check out our 2016 list, our 2014 list and our 2013 list, which contain apps still highly recommended for radiologists).Did we miss any? Tell us your favorites in the comments.