Trivitron Introduces Two Advanced Imaging Modalities

Company launches digital OR integration, ultrasound products

DUBAI – Kiran Medical Systems, the radiology division of India-based Trivitron Healthcare, revealed two advanced imaging modalities during the Arab Health 2020 conference.

As part of the growing artificial intelligence trend in radiology, the company introduced its Elite Flat Panel Digital C-arm with motorized movements. Designed for applications in cardiovascular, interventional radiology, orthopedics, and urology, this system offers a variety of clinical features, including digital subtraction angiography for vascular applications and road mapping to assist surgeons in finding the correct path to reach target locations during surgery.

With a 1Kx1K Flat Panel Detector and 16-bit image processing, it offers high-resolution digital image acquisition, according to company information. It also uses a 5Kw, 40kHz X-ray generator with ABS for optimized dose to capture images with higher grayscale resolution. Such images can highlight minute details and, the motorized movements can, potentially, improve workflow by aiding in accurate positioning.

The system can hold more than 100,000 images and includes active cooling to prevent overheating during long procedures. 

Additionally, Kiran introduced its second model in ultrasound – the SonoRad V10 Whole Body Color Doppler. It has clinical applications in obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, and cardiology. The system, which offers a 19-inch HD LED monitor with a larger image area and a 10.1 touch panel, has an ergonomic design with Dual Image Display.

Based on company information, it uses intelligent software to make precise measurements in obstetrics and offers quantitative elastography, panoramic imaging, 4D features, such as depth view and virtual HD, and 210 O Wide-angle TV Probe contributes to the clinical value.

Kiran manufacturing facilities comply with stringent quality standards and are registered with the United States Food & Drug Administration.