Vendor-Neutral Tool Streamlines AI Results Visualization and Delivery

Tools enable radiologist access to artificial intelligence.

CHICAGO - New tools are now available to help radiologists and clinicians access artificial intelligence (AI) results directly within their existing workflows.

At this year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago, Fovia AI, Inc., a zero-footprint, cloud-based imaging SDK provider, released its XStream® aiCockpit™ and Xstream® aiPlatform™.

According to company data, XStream aiCockpit helps facilitate the connection between AI algorithms and PACS. It gives radiologists access to AI-driven workflows and visualizations that can be launched from any PACS, work list, dictation software, or hospital system. The software is 2D and 3D, and it’s accessible as a white-label product or through native integration. It also allows for efficient navigation and substantive interactions with AI results, real-time interactive tools, and local population validations.

As a vendor-neutral ecosystem, XStream aiPlatform connects AI developers, PACS, and hospital systems for effective delivery of AI-driven tools to radiologists. By selecting the algorithms that are made available, controlling the AI results flow, and letting those results be viewed with rich visualization capabilities, the product allows PACS to maintain control over the AI workflow.

XStream aiCockpit and XStream aiPlatform are compatible with several products already existing within the Fovia AI portfolio.