VI launches enterprise-wide product

August 7, 2009

Other headlinesSiemens chooses new oncology OIS

VI launches enterprise-wide product
Vital Images has combined its advanced visualization applications with a system for managing volumetric image data across the medical enterprise. The new product, dubbed Vitrea Enterprise Suite, allows access to a single source of imaging data across an enterprise-wide network. The new offering addresses the challenge of managing multiple, disparate advanced visualization systems, according to the company, by allowing customers to leverage their existing infrastructure.

Siemens chooses new oncology OIS
Siemens Healthcare will phase out its current oncology information system, LANTIS, in favor of a next generation OIS offered by partner IMPAC Medical Systems. The installed base running LANTIS will have the option of upgrading to the IMPAC product MOSAIQ or continue using their current systems, according to Siemens. Consequent to the shift toward MOSAIQ, Siemens is extending customers service support and application training to include MOSAIQ. The shift toward a new OIS is part of a new agreement between the two companies that extends their alliance, forged in 1992, until 2016 and adds MOSAIQ to the Siemens oncology product portfolio. Siemens and IMPAC will also work together to develop interfaces between MOSAIQ and IONTRIS, Siemens’ robotic patient positioning and imaging system used in particle (proton and carbon ion) therapy.