Vijay Rao, MD, to Residents: Take Responsibility for Imaging Appropriateness

VIDEO: Residents must understand it is radiologists’ responsibility to ensure the right tests are being performed at the right time. It’s a culture shift they should embrace, said Vijay Rao, MD.

Radiology residents today must understand the culture shift happening in their industry, Vijay Rao, MD, said in a recent video interview.

Health care has shifted from a physician-centric model to one where patients come first. That means physicians must pay more attention to quality and lowering cost. Radiology residents must be prepared to question the appropriateness of tests ordered, and ensure the right tests are being performed.

“You have to be at the front line making sure that only appropriate tests are being performed,” said Rao, radiology chair at Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University. “It’s a whole different culture change.”

Rao noted that this notion, and other business and leadership lessons, aren’t being taught or emphasized in medical school. However, resources and courses are available, and residents should seek them out.

She added, “They have to become change agents. Do not accept that this is the way we have always done it.”