What's Next in Medical Image and Data Management in Radiology?

In a video interview, Morris Panner, the president of Intelerad Medical Systems, discussed key observations from the recent Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference, recent research about artificial intelligence (AI) adoption and emerging goals for enhancing the efficiency of radiology workflows.

Morris Panner didn’t want to call the familiar PACS system outdated or antiquated. However, he did suggest that radiology is on the cusp of a revolution with medical image and data management that parallels the ongoing emergence of the radiologist from the reading room to being a key member of the interdisciplinary team in facilitating optimal patient outcomes.

“The PACS system is no longer a new invention. It is important and you can always improve it but what people are really looking for now is how to free that data, take that pixel information, share it, use it with other types of data and advance the liquidity and flexibility in data management. That was the revolution that came out of the SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine) meeting this year,” noted Panner, the president of Intelerad Medical Systems, in a recent video interview.

Panner also discussed recent survey research showing an increasing patient acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI), and the more gradual “try it” phase for many radiologists as they discern the most optimal fit for AI in their current workflows. To that end, Panner also reviewed key aspects of Intelerad’s Enterprise Imaging and Informatics Suite. It is Panner’s hope that by emphasizing improved efficiency and quality in radiology workflows, the system can “free up brain space for great diagnostics.”

For more insights from Morris Panner, watch the video below.