What You Need to Know About Implementing a Radiation Safety Program

The information you need to start a radiation dose safety program as presented at AHRA 2014.

WASHINGTON, D.C.-“Step into the spotlight before the spotlight finds you,” Shawn McKenzie of Ascendian Healthcare Consulting, said at AHRA 2014. And a summation for dose management as dictated to the imaging administrators at AHRA was established.It’s a tough sell. Healthcare is an industry already lagging behind in innovative efforts. And as McKenzie and Neomi Mullens, also of Ascendian, mentioned, the spotlight might be shining, but not necessarily on you, yet. “Yet” being the operative word.  Dose has been a hot topic at AHRA, as both vendors and organizations are diving into the dose management initiative and figuring out how it is best navigated. The “Radiation Dose Safety: Defining and Implementing an Enterprise Dose Management Program” session was aimed at this initiative, and educating managers about how to implement this significant and looming process. Check out the slideshow to see what you need to know about establishing a program.

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