Arun Krishnaraj, MD, MPH


Speech Recognition Technology - Finally Ready for Prime Time?

October 31, 2011

With the release of the iPhone 4S and Siri, Apple has introduced speech recognition (SR) technology to the masses. Apple bills and markets Siri as a “humble personal assistant.” However, I doubt many radiologists, who have been working with SR technology for multiple years, would describe their SR software systems this way.

Consistency in Reporting and Communication: Thyroid Ultrasound Imaging

September 19, 2011

If mammography results were reported in the inconsistent way that thyroid ultrasound reports are currently dictated there would be outrage in the medical community. It is important for radiologists to be consistent with their approach and management of these lesions when imaged with ultrasound to prevent unnecessary biopsies, and just as important, undue fear on the part of patients.

Why Radiologists Should Review Reports Carefully

August 02, 2011

We are entering a new era of health care that is more patient centered. Part of this new paradigm is patient access to their medical records, easily accessible from the Internet.

Stepping Out From Behind Our Reports

June 01, 2011

One radiologist is determined to discuss results directly with patients.

Appreciate How Far We've Come

May 02, 2011

A physician muses about the past and the future during a case on the 200th year anniversary of his hospital

Will Watson Replace Radiologists?

February 24, 2011

As radiologists we review numerous images and base our findings on our experience and expertise, which are in turn based on reading articles and textbooks (our knowledge base). If we program all of these knowledge bases into a computer, then wouldn’t the computer be as good or likely even better than we are?

The Importance of Specialization in Radiology

February 10, 2011

Many other industries understand the importance of specialization and divesting of service lines in which they do not excel. Why should the practice of radiology be any different? However, while this arrangement is feasible and sustainable in the academic setting it is not clear if the private practice world of radiology is equipped to follow this model.

$360,000 and Counting: The Burden of Student Loans

February 04, 2011

As more and more talented radiology trainees choose private practice rather than academics, radiology’s ability to produce cutting edge research in imaging will be threatened by other specialties in medicine. If more of the research that drives the imaging sciences originates from outside radiology, non-radiologists could ultimately take over the clinical domain of imaging.

Potato, Potahto - Wording Matters in Radiology Reports

January 13, 2011

In order to deliver value-added care, we must take pause to not only identify the salient findings but craft our reports in a manner that allow our referring providers to understand the relative significance of those findings. In an era of diminishing face-to-face communication between radiologists and primary care-physicians the wording of our reports is more important than ever.

Freedom trail, check; Faneuil Hall, check; Boston Harbor, check; Massachusetts General Hospital?

December 17, 2010

Laura and her husband Paul landed in Boston to begin a whirlwind tour of several major East Coast cities in celebration of their second wedding anniversary. As a Brit, Laura most looked forward to touring the sites of the city that helped ignite the American Revolution. Following a bowl of “chowda” and a few pictures along the Charles River, they would bid farewell to Beantown and headed toward the bright lights of the Big Apple.