Author | David Hirschorn, MD


Display technology advances hold promise for radiology

May 01, 2008

As display technology evolves, radiology departments are presented with a growing variety of PACS displays with increased brightness, sharper contrast, and improved calibration capability. Two developments on their way to the consumer market are likely to offer significant potential benefits for radiologic image visualization.

Direct monitor purchases save money but require more care

July 01, 2007

When PACS were first introduced, the vendor supplied the whole system, from the back-end servers to the front-end diagnostic workstations. Over time, the buyers of these systems realized that none of these PACS vendors actually manufactured the computers and monitors; they just resold them, often at huge markups.

Tech advances permit PACS, speech tools on one computer

February 01, 2007

Since the beginning of PACS, one of the main rate-limiting components of the image viewing workstation has been the central processing unit. Other parts of the computer are easy to scale up. Computer memory is cheap and plentiful.