Dushyant Sahani, MD


Multislice CT and CAD bring new efficiencies to diagnosis

November 01, 2008

Computer-aided detection is gradually gaining acceptance in radiology and has become a major research focus in the past few years. The development of CAD with multislice CT has reached the point where, together, they have the potential to offer new capabilities in the interpretation of emergency room scans.

Routine body perfusion CT approaches clinical reality

November 28, 2006

The most crucial process to assess in a tumor for efficient management is neo-angiogenesis. Currently, no reliable biomarker is available to measure angiogenesis, and direct microvessel density assay requires frequent biopsies for serial tumor monitoring. Technological innovations in imaging, however, have enabled the capture of physiological information in addition to anatomic details. One promising imaging technique for acquiring physiological information about angiogenesis is perfusion CT, which provides anatomic information as well.

Multislice CT accurately evaluates kidney donors

December 02, 2004

The prevalence of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) has increased over the last decade. Combined with a limited supply of cadaver kidneys, the increase has almost quadrupled the waiting list for kidney transplantation. This mismatch between the demand and supply of kidney grafts has led to a tremendous rise in the number of renal transplant surgeries with kidneys procured from living donors.