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Health Care Reform: We Can’t Afford It

August 04, 2011

What do Caterpillar, Richard Pryor, and Penecillium chrysogenum have in common? Other than the obvious answer that they all came from Peoria, they all have been instrumental in changing the landscape of the 20th century: physically, culturally, and medically.

What Is Considered a Right?

March 09, 2011

I had the opportunity recently to speak before a group of college business students at our local state university. The topic was loosely centered around politics and medicine. In my opening, I first asked a question, “Who thinks healthcare is a right?” The hands all went up except for one or two of the students.

With Healthcare Reform, Be Careful What You Wish For

February 01, 2011

For those who want to overturn the law, the real risk is that in the longer term it sets up the likelihood of a single-payer system. In my opinion, by making the fines less than the cost of the insurance, it leaves a way for companies to not insure their employees. So it automatically ensures that businesses will take the cheaper way out, driving all of those individuals into the state pools for their required coverage.