Jonathan Batchelor



CT radiation dose shows wide variance in ED

December 02, 2009

Despite growing concern over CT-related radiation exposure, measuring cumulative exposure from CT imaging in a standardized or formal way is not part of routine practice for ordering physicians in the emergency department, according to a presentation this week at the 2009 RSNA meeting.

Unnecessary sequences add to radiation burden

December 01, 2009

Adding noncontrast and delayed-contrast series to abdominal/pelvic CT examinations appears common in routine clinical practice and represents a potential public health danger with no associated clinical benefit, according to a presentation Monday afternoon at the 2009 RSNA meeting.

CD data imports show growth, durability

November 30, 2009

If it’s round, has a hole in it, and isn’t a bagel or donut in the break room, chances are it’s a CD brought into the practice by a patient. According to Dr. Bradley Erickson from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, the use of compact discs to transfer diagnostic imaging data has seen a steady increase over the past decade.