Larry Schuster


Navigational MRI charts language map of brain

February 14, 2008

With help from navigational MRI, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have assembled the largest composite map of the brain’s language sites ever to appear in the medical literature. They found far greater variability in the location of these sites than other models of language organization suggest.

fMRI maps anatomical origins of belief in God

December 28, 2007

Can functional MRI detect the anatomic point of origin of belief in a personal God? That profound physiological and philosophical question has been answered in the affirmative by Mark S. Cohen, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of California, Los Angeles Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and the UCLA Brain Mapping Center.

Proton MR spectroscopy monitors neural progenitor cells in human brain

November 15, 2007

Researchers have discovered a unique biomarker for neural progenitor and stem cells detectable with 3T proton MR spectroscopy. It noninvasively establishes the presence of the cells and their decreasing prominence with age in the brains of children, adolescents, and adult humans.