Mélisande Rouger


Experts call for European regulatory framework for teleradiology

March 08, 2010

Over the past decade, teleradiology has become a well-established practice in Europe. But without homogenous EU legislation, experts are concerned about possible clinical risks. Radiologists and an EU representative compared advantages and warned of legal and medical risks during a joint session of the European Society of Radiology and European Commission held Saturday, March 6.

Changing attitudes bring positive impact to China

August 26, 2008

Prof. Xiaowing Wang, 37, is director of the radiology department at the Peking University First Hospital. The 1368-bed hospital in Beijing treats nearly 5000 outpatients and emergency cases each day and admits over 25,000 patients annually. The hospital has 3069 full-time staff, including 1227 nurses, and the radiology department has 3T MR and 64-slice CT systems.