Maximilian F. Reiser, MD


ESR president unveils his vision of radiology's future

October 29, 2010

Since he was elected president of the European Society of Radiology in March, Prof. Maximilian F. Reiser has worked hard on expanding ESR's global reach and implementing new training and accreditation initiatives.

CT angiography data offernew approach to perfusion

December 01, 2008

Acute stroke is a medical emergency that is potentially treatable. Because "time is brain," however, the imaging workup must be fast and therapy initiated rapidly.

CT and MRI give answers in cardiac neoplasms

August 01, 2007

Noninvasive cardiac imaging is gaining widespread acceptance. Both CT and MRI can determine the absence or presence of coronary artery disease accurately and reliably. This is done by either assessing the coronary artery morphology or by offering detailed insight into functional aspects and myocardial perfusion.

MSCT assists in renal cell cancer workup

April 14, 2006

Renal cell cancer is the most frequently encountered malignant tumor in the kidney. Over 30,000 new cases are diagnosed annually in the U.S. Many cases are now detected incidentally, as a result of the widespread use of multislice CT. MSCT usage is also redefining diagnostic workup of renal lesions and facilitating renal cell cancer staging.