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Women have no right to monopoly over multitasking

October 14, 2010

If my wife is right, I am, in fact, a woman. She and other women in my life all maintain that only women can multitask.

Radiologist discovers his female side as multitasking demands escalate

July 08, 2010

I didn’t know it until now but if my wife is right, I am, in fact, a woman. She and other women in my life-family, coworkers, friends-all maintain that it is only women who can multitask. Yet there is published evidence that I and all of my male colleagues work in an environment that is interrupt-driven with high multitasking loads. Superwoman, eat your heart out.

Ionizing radiation worriesmeet arachnophobia

October 20, 2009

Radiologists in Manchester, U.K., and Ghent, Belgium, have carried out highresolution CT on the 50-million-year-old fossilized remains of a spider embedded in amber, according to a report from October 2007 on

Guidelines and protocols: What should I really be doing?

August 01, 2009

Medical school, postgraduate training, continuing medical education . . . in common with most other doctors, I have been learning throughout my career. I sometimes, perhaps rather pompously, consider myself to be an expert, or at least a specialist.

Decision support: so long as we know who is right...

February 01, 2009

The holiday season is over, and it is the timeto make New Year's resolutions. What toresolve? My perception that the finishedarticle could hardly be improved upon isfrequently challenged by my family.