Peter R. Bartling, MBA


Building Awareness of the Changing Radiology Landscape

September 06, 2012

Understanding the radiology group practice environment is essential before planning or executing any operational plan. Here’s how to build that awareness.

How to Transform Radiology Group Culture to Embrace Change

August 09, 2012

Does your radiology group have a strong culture? Here’s why a new, energetic culture is the most valuable change-agent to ensure success now, and the future.

Facing Change in Radiology - But How?

August 02, 2012

In this first part of a series on the changes facing radiology, we describe how to transform a radiology group to create and drive a new culture of activism.

ACA and Radiology: The End of the Beginning

July 10, 2012

The Supreme Court decision isn’t the end of changes we will see in radiology or health care. Only progressive and entrepreneurial radiology groups are likely to survive.