Richard Woodcock, MD


Strengthen Your Radiology Technical Partner Relationship: 3 Strategies

March 03, 2014

Here are three simple ways you can strengthen your relationship with your practice's technical partners.

How to Do Peer Review in Radiology

February 04, 2014

Peer review can help radiologists improve. Here are some methods for peer review and solutions for barriers your group may face.

The Importance of Peer Review and Metrics

December 31, 2013

Every imaging facility should have a solid peer review system, and peer review data should be used in the careful development of quality metrics in radiology performance.

Radiologists Should Adopt Checklists

December 02, 2013

Patient checklists are gaining popularity, and they are a no-brainer for radiologists to improve safety and efficiency. Look into them.

Be The Change

October 31, 2013

Making changes in radiology can happen one step -- and one provider -- at a time.

Even Radiology Needs A Playbook

September 26, 2013

Just like any other team, radiology practices could benefit from a manual to keep provider preferences and practices organized.