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Digital mammography begins to deliver hope

November 01, 2006

For years, the world of breast imaging was quite simple. Screen-film mammography and ultrasound did not leap ahead, but they did a satisfactory job for most women. In the past few years, the armamentarium has exploded, with the introduction of modalities from MRI to vacuum biopsy. The management of breast disease has changed significantly.

Changes prove that some things never change

April 15, 2005

I entered private practice on a full-time basis in 1984, having quit my position in a state-run general hospital following a disagreement over lack of funding for continuing medical education. The imaging center that I joined had just been granted permission to buy a CT scanner. This would not be news today. But 20 years ago, establishment of a private CT center in Sarcelles, a suburban town 15 km north of Paris, was news indeed. CT scanners were scarce in France, and procedures required users to attain a certificate of need, which was a very cumbersome process.