Timothy Stampp, MBA


Due Diligence for Practice-Hospital Clinical Integration

June 07, 2011

The overall political and social pressure to contain healthcare spending will heighten the value and requirement for clinical integration between physicians and hospitals. At a high level there are essentially two considerations for hospitals and radiology groups.

Due Diligence for Practice-Hospital Clinical Integration

April 20, 2011

Reducing imaging utilization for the emergency room and inpatient populations can have a positive impact on a hospitals bottom line. However, the effort may appear detrimental to radiologists. Here's how to find the "win-win."

2011 Fee Schedule Changes to Impact Radiologists

January 28, 2011

Unfortunately, it appears that several other changes to the Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule payment system will have a relatively significant impact on radiology revenue’s in 2011. Specifically, there are two major issues will affect us in 2011.