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6 Rules for Staff Utilizing Direct Digital Radiography


A guide for radiology staff for making the use of direct digital radiography more efficient.

Direct digital radiography has had a significant effect on improving the efficiency of a radiology department by eliminating manual processes and reducing radiation exposure to the patient. The quick response of detectors and rapid processing of the image decrease the amount of time a patient spends in the radiology department. Today’s gadolinium-based detectors produce excellent image quality with half the dose of a CR detector and cesium-iodine based detectors produce excellent image quality with a quarter of the dose of CR.1 Despite the advantages of direct digital radiography, there are important factors that need to be considered by staff on a daily basis.When looking for factors to improve image quality and reduce radiation exposure, these six factors will help get diagnostic radiology staff pointed in the right direction. Click through to see the rules. ReferenceCretella G, Nicholas W. Digital Radiography and Accountable Care. Radiology Management. 2014;36;2:32-36. 

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