Berger leaves NightHawk

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Berger leaves NightHawk

Dr. Paul E. Berger has cut all formal ties with NightHawk Radiology, a company he helped found eight years ago. Berger stepped down June 8 as nonexecutive chairman of the board, a position he has held since Nov. 15, when he resigned as CEO of the company. In connection with his resignation this week from the board, Berger informed NightHawk that he could no longer support the direction, policies, business strategies, and initiatives that the company has adopted, according to a NightHawk filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PETNET extends supply of radioisotope

Siemens subsidiary PETNET Solutions will supply an experimental PET radioisotope for the phase II and III trials examining its value as a cardiac perfusion agent. The radiotracer, BMS747158, is a novel fluorine-18-labeled tracer developed by Lantheus Medical Imaging for myocardial perfusion imaging in subjects under rest and stress conditions. Lantheus is running the trials. PETNET Solutions operates a network of 52 radiopharmacies and distribution centers worldwide that manufacture and distribute PET biomarkers.

Fonar customer logs fifth UpRight

If repeat business is the most sincere compliment, few companies get more praise than Fonar, at least from Tampa-based Rose Radiology. The 10-center radiology chain on Florida's west coast has bought its fifth UpRight MR scanner from Fonar. Rose was among the first to begin uing an UpRight MR. This scanner, which began operating about seven years ago, was the first installed in Florida and the second in the world, according to Fonar.