Certification rules for surgeons rival radiologists'

ASBS Board certification in surgery

- At least one year breast ultrasound experience

- Minimum procedure volume of 100 breast ultrasound exams (80 diagnostic, 20 interventional) and review of 100 mammography exams within the last 12 months

- Minimum 15 AMA Category 1 CME units in breast ultra sound. Seven of these must be obtained in the 12 months prior to submitting the application and must include hands-on training.

- Case studies for 10 patients imaged in the last 12 months submitted for review (five diagnostic and five interventional, including three core biopsies, and two cyst aspiration or fine-needle aspiration biopsies). Ultrasound-guided vacuum assisted or rotational core biopsy procedures may be submitted in place of the core biopsy procedures.

- Written exam, minimum score 85%

ACR Board certification in radiology

- Meet MQSA and ACR standards for screening and diagnostic mammography OR

- Complete residency program with three months training, appropriate fellowship or postgraduate training involving 500 ultrasound exams in a broad spectrum of uses, including breast ultrasound OR

- If completed training prior to 1982, have 10 years' experience performing and interpreting ultrasound exams OR

- In the absence of fellowship or postgraduate training, have two years of ultrasound experience with a minimum of 500 general ultrasound or 100 breast ultrasound exams (performed or supervised and interpreted).