GE's AngioViz Approved by FDA

New product uses parametric imaging to give more infomation than DSA alone

GE Healthcare has recieved FDA clearance of AngioViz, an application that gives doctors a new visualization of vascular flow on a single image, helpful during complex interventional radiology procedures.

AngioViz provides a new visualization of the vascular flow seen in  Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) imaging utilizing a technique called parametric imaging. AngioViz looks at each pixel in the image series and determines two things-the peak value of opacification caused by the contrast, and the time it takes for that pixel to reach peak opacification. These two parameters can be displayed as separate images or combined into a single color-coded image that represents parameters of vascular flow. This enables doctors to perceive parameters of flow quickly to support decision-making. In addition, AngioViz allows easy comparison of parametric images from different DSA acquisitions, such as pre- and post-treatment images. This can help physicians understand the impact on flow dynamics of various interventional treatments.

AngioViz bold flow visualization has the potential to be applied to a variety of clinical situations
· Help see where a blocked artery diminishes blood flow in the brain or other tissue
· Identify the timing and amount of blood flow in abnormal vessel anatomy
· Observe flow in abnormal tissue before and after treatment to support interventional oncology treatment
· Visualize peripheral artery blood flow before and after balloon angioplasty and stenting