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Industry News: Siemens unveils economical, high performance PET/CT


Siemens cast its work-in-progress 16-slice PET/CT at the nexus of vision and value.

Siemens cast its fledgling 16-slice PET/CT at the nexus of vision and value. The latest development, unveiled as a work-in-progress at ECR 2009 slated to enter the Biograph TruePoint PET/CT family, is being designed with high-end PET technology and value oriented 16-slice CT. For the most part, CT provides the anatomical context in which to interpret PET. The CT component, therefore, need not provide much more capability than is found on 16-slice CTs, if customers have only routine radiological or – more likely – oncological applications in mind.

Michael Reitermann, CEO of Siemens molecular imaging, described the new hybrid as a balance between innovation and access. It promotes the company’s vision to facilitate “universal adoption of PET/CT” by keeping the cost of the system as low as possible, Reitermann said, yet still delivers high-performance PET imaging. Whole body exams can be routinely accomplished in ten minutes with the advanced technologies built into the High-Definition PET component, he said.

The Biograph portfolio of PET/CT imagers now offers options with six-, 16-, 40- and 64-slice CT configurations. The premium performance line of hybrids, Siemens’ Biograph mCT, features 40-, 64- and 128-CT slice capabilities.

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