Greg Freiherr


SPECT/CT dramatically cuts radiation dose in some breast cancer patients

December 17, 2010

Dose reduction at one time played second fiddle to image quality, but today it enjoys top billing. New algorithms are coming into play in CT, radiography, and fluoroscopy to maintain image quality at traditional levels by processing out the noise that sneaks in during low-dose exams. In some cases, fear of radiation has gotten so bad that patients forego CT and other sources of ionizing radiation all together.

Riverrain's new x-ray lung CAD features bone removal

December 14, 2010

Bone can obscure lung lesions that may indicate cancer. The latest version of computer-assisted detection software from Riverain Medical, shown publicly for the first time in the RSNA 2010 exhibit hall, takes care of the problem.

PET/MR steps up as first new hybrid modality in a decade

December 14, 2010

PET/MR is the logical next step in hybridization, the step that follows PET/CT, one that vendors finally took at this year's RSNA meeting. It has come a decade after PET/CT was first commercialized and nearly as long since pundits concluded that its arrival was inevitable.