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Industry News: Visage takes a down-under look


The new owner of Visage Imaging, Pro Medicus, is showing a jewel in its new crown.

The new owner of Visage Imaging, Pro Medicus, is showing a jewel in its new crown. The Australian company is previewing a newly forged link between its radiology information system and recently acquired PACS and Visage CS, a thin-client advanced visualization system. ProMedicus acquired the advanced imaging technologies  through its $3 million cash purchase Jan. 28 of Visage Imaging from Mercury Computer.
Visage Imaging did not fit comfortably under Mercury’s umbrella of mostly defense-related projects. Pro Medicus and Visage Imaging appear to be better suited. Since 1983, Pro Medicus has provided integrated software products and services to healthcare providers for more than 25 years. The advanced visualization on which Mercury founded Visage now gives the Australian firm an edge over competitors, according to Sam Hupert, cofounder and executive director of Pro Medicus. 
“I know that any company can go all the way from scheduling through PACS and to 3D visualization,” Hupert said.
Visage has a strong foothold in the PACS and 3D visualization marketplace, claiming 1200 clients who use its health-related visualization products marketed either directly under the Visage brand or by OEMs.  Its new owner views the adoption of digital technology as a key growth area. The acquisition allows Pro Medicus to expand its product portfolio with a RIS, complementary PACS, and advanced visualization that will open a new front in the market addressing 3D and 4D postprocessing of CT and MR, a critical capability in the future evolution of radiology.
“We believe there will be a huge future for 3D,” he said. “More and more radiologists will read volumes rather than 2D.”

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