Medical Insight launches IT upgrade

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Medical Insight launches IT upgrade
Medical Insight has released a new version of its thin-client image viewer, called EasyViz 3.0. Enhancements include a 3D rendering engine, an image fusion application designed for cancer diagnostics, dedicated mammography functionality for screening and diagnostics, and a new patient study browser, which makes patient history data accessible to the clinician. offers tools to analyze patient images. The PC-based platform uses advanced adaptive streaming to provide instant access to DICOM-quality images.

MRI looks for genetic link to OCD
In what may be the world’s first study combining genetics and imaging, researchers at Wayne State University will use MRI to visualize brain processes they believe reflect the action of genes associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The researchers hope the $6 million project, funded by the NIH National Institute of Mental Health will lead to the discovery of “risk genes" for OCD. Wayne State University researchers will perform the imaging studies at Children's Hospital of Michigan. The team based at the University of Toronto/The Hospital for Sick Children will conduct the genetic studies. Their focus, glutamate, helps turn serotonin and other chemicals on and off in the brain.

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