New digs upgrade Viztek storage services

August 18, 2009

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New digs upgrade Viztek storage services
Viztek will enhance its current remote hosting and disaster recovery services, thanks to moving its corporate headquarters to Raleigh, NC.  The new 80,000-square-foot facility will support state-of-the-art training centers for PACS, digital radiography, and computed radiography, while also housing product development, pre-staging, integrations, and distribution activities. Services will include PACS hosting, disaster recovery, and services ensuring business continuity, as well as standard off-site storage.  Data storage capacity will quadruple to support this extended infrastructure, according to the company.

Telemedicine extends surgical teaching
A mobile telemedicine system from MultiSense fed images through Barco's HD surgical monitor to display an open heart procedure at the Imperial College Hospital in Hammersmith, U.K., for more than 70 surgeons and medical professionals across Europe. Picture-in-picture functionality embedded in the monitor provided the audience with a high-definition view of the operation, including local and remote camera images, the patient's vital signs, and an endoscopic video, according to the company. The MultiSense system eliminated costs otherwise associated with camera crew and staff running a satellite truck and microwave links.