Society starts molecularimaging trials network

Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging Vol 30 No 12, Volume 30, Issue 12

The SNM has announcedthe formation of theMolecular Imaging ClinicalTrials Network, a multi-institutionaleffort to establishscientifically sound, efficientways to evaluate proposedclinical applicationsof biomarker imaging.

The SNM has announced the formation of the Molecular Imaging Clinical Trials Network, a multi-institutional effort to establish scientifically sound, efficient ways to evaluate proposed clinical applications of biomarker imaging.

The network will provide investigational new drugs to the pharma industry and to molecular imaging researchers to develop the next generation of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, according to SNM officials. It will also coordinate imaging protocols and equipment calibration for multicenter clinical trials.

Scientific investigation under the program should start in the first quarter of 2009.