Vendors entice end users with new device offerings


PET/CT scanner
At ECR 2006, GE Healthcare took the wraps off the Discovery VCT, a 64-slice combination PET and volume CT system for cardiac applications. It is designed to enable physicians to access essential functional and anatomic patient data, including perfusion map at rest and peak cardiac stress, CT angiography, and cardiac calcium score. This information can assist in the diagnosis of cardiac patients, eliminating unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures while guiding treatment.

Fetal ultrasound
Esaote has unveiled the MyLab15-Just4D ultrasound product for ob/gyn applications. It is a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for compact premium black-and-white ultrasound machines, according to the vendor. The developing fetus can be viewed in real-time throughout the pregnancy.

Portable detector
The CXDI-31 digital wall stand and bucky table can meet every diagnostic radiographic demand, according to Canon, the manufacturer. The detector is easy to use, flexible, and has a lightweight and robust design.

Digital radiography
Vidar has introduced a range of digital radiography systems. The Vision 4000 features a 4K detector for higher resolution imaging needs and is designed for high-volume centers, orthopedic practices, and hospitals. The Vision 2000 has a 2K detector and is ideal for lower volume office-based use.

North American contract
Novation LLC, the U.S. healthcare contracting services company of VHA and the University Health System Consortium, has included Fuji's film and imaging products in a three-year, dual-source contract. The deal covers conventional film, mammography film, dry film, and dry thermal and laser imagers.

Schering AG has completed the transfer of the business of CIS biointernational to a consortium formed by the Belgian companies Ion Beam Applications S.A. (IBA) and the Institut National des Radioelements (IRE). Schering will focus all its efforts on MRI, CT, and optical and molecular imaging.

CT scanner
The Aquillion LB CT unit from Toshiba has a 70-cm scan field and a 90-cm wide bore, enabling a breast board tilt of up to 25 degrees . Other features include a radiotherapy table top with indexed patient positioning system, low-noise direct drive for 0.5 sec/rotation, 0.35-mm voxel resolution, and versatile scan slice width (16 x 0.5 mm, 16 x 1 mm, or 16 x 2 mm).

Cardiac MR
Invivo and Philips Medical Systems are developing an integrated MR-compatible patient vital signs monitoring system for use with the latter's cardiovascular MR scanner. The plan is for the monitoring system to be built directly into the MR unit, and the stress will be on maximizing efficiency and patient safety.

Hospital redevelopment
Siemens will supply radiology, cardiology, and oncology equipment worth Pound Sterling 300 million (+438 million) to Barts Hospital and The Royal London Hospital between late 2009 and 2045. Barts is set to become a cancer and cardiac center of excellence based in a new eight-storey building.

Software release
TeraRecon has upgraded the software for its Aquarius diagnostic workstations and enterprise-wide 3D servers. Version 3.5 offers protocol-based workflow tools that aim to simplify the interpretation process by automatically presenting the 3D volume based on the study type selected by the operator.

Orthopedic software
Swissray International has signed an agreement with Cedara to provide its customers with orthopedic software tools and applications.

Open MRI
The 0.4T Aperto open MR scanner from Hitachi features a new single-pillar gantry structure and a wider opening (320 degrees ). It incorporates the latest advances of application software and provides cost-efficient operation, according to the company.

PACS in Italy
The Congregazione Fatebenefratelli (Regione Meridionale) group of hospitals in southern Italy is introducing a LifeWeb PACS at three more sites. Following the installation at its Isola Tiberina hospital, sites at Rome, Palermo, and Benevento now have digital systems from Ferrania. A fifth installation, at Naples, may follow soon.

Speech recognition
Version 6.1 of the SpeechMagic product from Philips is designed to maximize accuracy, speed, security, and administrative efficiency. The software allows for centralized administration and management, facilitating integration with IT systems such as electronic medical records.

Norwegian office
Gamma Medica-Ideas has opened a sales and service office in Oslo to cope with the growing demand for molecular imaging products. The vendor designs, develops, and manufactures systems used in diagnostic medicine, medical research, and for security and safety applications.

Display system
Barco's Coronis diagnostic display system seeks to optimize performance, productivity, and ergonomics. It is available in a variety of resolutions and in 2- and 3-megapixel gray-scale and color systems.

Digital venture
T-Systems SFH and Kodak have announced a cooperation agreement. The objective is to combine resources from both companies in the field of hospital information systems and PACS/RIS, thereby boosting integration.

Gray-scale ultrasound
The Aloka SSD-900 offers gray-scale imaging in a portable package. Advanced image processing techniques and multifrequency probes contribute to the performance and versatility of the unit, and it includes high-density probes.

Compact device
The Horizon imager from Codonics requires less than 0.6 meters of desk space and weighs under 32 kg. It switches between film, color, and paper and is suitable for use in a multimodality department.

Image management
Agfa Healthcare has agreed to collaborate with Medical Insight on image management, distribution, and display. The two companies are keen to capitalize on the growing trend toward integrated enterprise-wide image and information management and distribution requirements.

Pocket PC
The latest version of PracticeXpert's PX Pocket PC system includes special applications for medical oncology and other enhancements.

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