Ameya J. Baxi, MBBS




Young Investigator winner recaps AOCR 2010

April 16, 2010

It’s an honor to give my observation about my experience at AOCR-2010. From the tiniest to the biggest, all details-be it the front office, registration counter, information desk, or audio-visual aids-were excellent.

Imaging modalities shed light on intracranial cysts

April 01, 2008

Any fluid-filled cavity or sac that is lined by an epithelium is a cyst, and intracranial cystic lesions are a common finding on CT and MR imaging of the brain.1,2 These lesions contain either cerebrospinal fluid, fluid that is similar to CSF, mucus, or proteinaceous fluid. They are lined by epithelial cells, inflammatory cells, or glial cells. The attenuation characteristics of the cyst on CT and MRI and the contrast enhancement patterns depend on the cyst's contents and the composition of the wall.