Andrew Kennedy, MD


Targeted therapies gain groundon hard-to-treat liver tumors

January 01, 2009

Not long ago, our approach to treating difficultmetastatic tumors was to "spray and pray." Weknew that chemotherapy and other traditionaltreatment approaches could cause great damageand had a limited chance of successfully destroyingthe entire tumor.

Microsphere management of liver mets gains strength

December 01, 2007

Radioactive microsphere therapy is gaining in popularity among specialists who deal with both primary and metastatic solid tumors in the liver. During the past two years, sessions dedicated to this therapeutic approach have been held in meetings of all major related specialties: interventional radiology, radiology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, hepatobiliary surgery, nuclear medicine, and medical oncology.

Imaging bolsters accuracy of microsphere therapy

November 01, 2006

Multimodality tour de force enables various specialists to safely administer radiation directly into liver tumors