Cynthia E. Keen




Canada develops ambitious electronic health network

December 01, 2006

Canadian officials estimate that by 2010, at least half of all residents will have their own electronic health record. The EHR is intended to include a cradle-to-grave clinical history, using a single patient identification number. It will eventually be interoperable across the country and its multitiered healthcare delivery organizations. This prediction is not just a political pipedream, as implementation is already well under way.

New Orleans VA medical center restores data lost to Katrina

February 11, 2006

The destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina proved the survivability of medical records in digital format. Restoration of these records, however, is not necessarily easy, even with a sound disaster recovery plan. Veterans Integrated Service Network 16, the VA network for the South Central Region, faced many obstacles in making the records of the New Orleans VA Medical Center accessible again.

InSiteOne tailors services to centers' storage needs

September 22, 2005

InSiteOne is the industry's largest independent provider of integrated services for storage and archiving management of DICOM medical images. As of June, its secure repository incorporated over 324 million images for some 300 client hospitals, imaging centers, and private practices.

SSPs take on larger role in digital mammography

September 22, 2005

Digital mammography represents the last frontier for diagnostic imaging departments and imaging centers that have implemented PACS. For some imaging centers, particularly those specializing in breast imaging, digital mammography provides the catalyst for converting to digital image management. Many facilities that do not have the preparation or the staff to accomplish this transition seek a ready-made solution.