Leah Lawrence




Educating Clinicians About LDCT May Increase Early Diagnosis

December 08, 2014

When general clinicians were educated about and given access to low-dose computed tomography, more lung cancers were diagnosed.

Dose Reductions Achievable in Pelvic CT with ASIR

December 08, 2014

Pelvic CT with filtered back projection and 50% ASIR reduces dose.

Dose Can be Reduced in Pelvic CT with ASIR

November 03, 2014

Filtered back projection and ASIR50 reduces dose in pelvic CT.

Lower Voltage CT Angiography Effective Even with Higher BMI

November 03, 2014

Study measures size-specific dose estimates and contrast-to-noise ratio in overweight patients.

Iterative Reconstruction Reduces Pediatric Chest CT Dose

October 06, 2014

Study examines ASIR effect on normal and overweight children who underwent chest CT.

LDCT Lung Cancer Screening: More Data for CMS

October 03, 2014

Study evaluates whether LDCT lung cancer screening is equally beneficial for younger and older patients.

Cone-Beam CT Best for Visualizing Hard-Contrast Objects

October 01, 2014

Cone-beam CT is preferential to multislice spiral CT for hard-contrast objects, study says.

Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction Allows Lower Dose

September 08, 2014

CT images reconstructed with low dose model-based iterative reconstruction did not compromise image quality.

Many States Don’t Have Adequate LDCT Screening

September 05, 2014

States found to have a high percentage of people at risk for lung cancer do not have an adequate number of LDCT screening centers.