Marcia Frellick



What Referring Physicians Want from Radiologists

December 16, 2013

CHICAGO - Referring physicians offer some insight into what they want from their radiology colleagues, from better collaboration to clearer reports.

Radiology Workforce to Stay Steady Through 2016

December 11, 2013

CHICAGO - Some signs point to dismal job prospects while others look more promising. Most agree the radiology workforce will stay flat for the next few years.

Is Your Radiology Practice Tech-Savvy Enough?

December 09, 2013

CHICAGO - Is your practice competitive in its use of informatics and business intelligence? Here’s how to assess your place on the technology spectrum.

Should Hospital-based Radiologists Pursue Meaningful Use?

December 06, 2013

CHICAGO - Here’s why achieving meaningful use of electronic health records worked for some hospital departments, but not for others.

Cloud Computing: Is It Right for Your Radiology Practice?

December 05, 2013

CHICAGO - Cloud-based imaging sharing and storage can save money on IT, but radiology groups have to make sure their infrastructure will support it.

ABR Explains Changes to Certification Process

December 05, 2013

CHICAGO - The American Board of Radiology has made major changes to the core exam and maintenance of certification. Here’s what you need to know.

Mobile Radiology Computing: How to Get Started

December 04, 2013

CHICAGO - From determining the platform and device to adding apps, there are quite a few considerations when going mobile.